Our History

Manpuku opened its door to hungry customers 60 years ago. Today, we are a premier Japanese BBQ restaurant chain known for our signature Salted Tongue with Chopped Tokyo Negi. Salted Tongue with Chopped Tokyo Negi was the answer to our quest for quality, tasty tongue BBQ in early days when procuring freshest beef tongues was still difficult. Today, we offer delicious Tongue with Salt BBQ backed by a supply network of quality tongues. After 60 years in business, we continue to create new items while maintaining our tradition. Be it our time-honored Salted Tongue with Chopped Tokyo Negi BBQ or our signature Kuroge Wagyu BBQ, every choice you make at Manpuku will never disappoint you.

Our Menu

Manpuku offers a variety of menu items to whet your appetite again and again. Enjoy our signature dishes as well as seasonal menus that change throughout the year. At Manpuku, your taste buds are sure to get satisfied.

Our Vegetables

All vegetables we use, including Tokyo Negi in our Tongue BBQ with Tokyo Negi, are delivered directly from Manpuku’s contract farms in Chiba. Needless to say, our appetizer salad is made with the freshest vegetables.

Our Signature Leek and Tongue with Salt

Manpuku’s Leek and Tongue with Salt consists of choicest Tokyo Negi, choicest pepper, and choicest beef tongue. Born in the Tsukishima area of Tokyo some 80 years ago, this signature dish consists of choicest quality beef tongues topped with finely chopped Tokyo Negi and our original spices. As the pioneer of Salted Tongue with Chopped Tokyo Negi BBQ, Manpuku will continue to offer this time-honored dish while creating exciting varieties.

Tested and Proven Our Choicest Yukke( Certified by Public Health Authority)

Our Yukke uses choicest, flavorful lean cuts of Kuroge Wagyu. Manpuku offers two Yukke dishes: “Yukke with Sauce” whose superb balance of egg yolk and our secret sauce makes it a perfect accompaniment of drinks and rice, and “Yukke with Salt” that never fails to whet your appetite for drinks with the right amount of saltiness and pepperish accent. Enjoy our tasty Yukke plates that are “safe” to consume.
* All our outlets are certified by the public health authority of Japan as a “licensed restaurant offering raw meat.”

Selected Meat

At Manpuku, food safety is paramount. We maintain a supply network traceable to producers to make sure our customers enjoy only the freshest meat. Defying today’s trend of choosing meat only based on the amount of fat, we focus on cuts of meat that are savory and flavorful.

Our Dipping Sauce

We believe a perfect balance of meat and sauce is the key to tasty BBQ. Our dipping sauce made from a stock of vegetables and fruits has never changed since the birth of Manpuku 80 years ago.

Our Yukke Jan

The delicious soup is made simply by slowly stewing beef for a long time. Only a restaurant with our strictest criteria for meat can offer such flavorful broth. Our Yukke Jan is used to make Kalbi Soup and Yukke Jan Soup.

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Our Philosophy

At Manpuku, we are committed to providing a pleasant dining space where our customers can enjoy tasty dishes, quality service, and relaxing environment.

Our Policy

We are all about “Serving the tastiest meat.” Our commitment to “quality meat” dictates everything we do in our day-to-day operations because we want more customers to enjoy the real taste of meat. Being true to this philosophy, we will never stop demanding “safe,” “savory” meat from our producers.

Our Service

Everyone eats BBQ in Japan today, but we have the mission of bringing this quintessential Japanese cuisine to people around the world. We will continue to serve quality “food,” “service” and “space” for the entire family, including children, parents and grandparents, to enjoy.


Our Location

At Manpuku, we are committed to creating a comfortable space for our customers to enjoy not only food, but also various events and occasions. We aspire to be that “special restaurant” where you bring your friends and guests for great conversations over a meal.


  • MANPUKU Aoyama

    1F 3-14-2 Minamiaoyama,
    Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

    TEL 03-5413-5529

  • MANPUKU Yoyogiuehara

    3-1-4-101 Nishihara, Yoyogiuehara,
    Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0066

    TEL 03-3468-5580

  • MANPUKU Jiyugaoka

    2F Jiyugaoka MY Building,
    2-9-12 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku,
    Tokyo 152-0035

    TEL 03-3718-6643


Series store

  • JU-JU Nishi Azabu

    1F Japan Traffic Safety
    Education Center Building,
    3-24-20 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku,
    Tokyo 106-0031

    TEL 03-3405-9911

  • FUTON Nishi Azabu

    1F Uetaki Building, 4-1-8
    Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

    TEL 03-5467-2213

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